Midi Devise Features


  • CC Controlled note gating with note gate velocity and CC to velocity after note gate.
  • Full breath controller support for a polyphonic wind controller response
  • CC Smoothing and Scaling refine controller response curve
  • 12 chord 12 note Harmony Rotator
  • Chord and scale phrasing picking and strumming
  • Portamento poly mono pitch bend glider controls "simulated legato"
  • Curves graph for 5 CC's pitch bend velocity and strum
  • Midi Player for sending complex sys ex patch change or for playing midi song
  • Program selector PGM, LSB, MSB, and general midi instrument list
  • Articulated midi controller mapping for adding advanced features to virtually any synthesizer
  • Supports breath controllers, wind controllers, keyboards, beat pads, midi guitar and more
  • Combination velocity and CC note gating for CC auto pilot
  • Pitch bend to CC control with bi or single direction assignments
  • Strum feature for strumming simulation
  • Velocity automation for humanizing chords
  • Midi Learn system to directly assign CC, midi note, and program change to Midi Devise buttons and sliders.
  • Global Preset system saves over 250 assignment destinations, instantly change presets
  • Chords can be made and saved with simple text editor or directly from Midi Devise
  • Midi Modulation Matrix for adding deeper CC controls
  • Low Latency control direct hardware and software integration
  • Windows and Mac OS supported
  • Quickly customize Instrument Patches directly through Midi Devise

Midi Devise delivers a set of rare and unique midi tools that facilitate instrument specific midi control. By combining multiple midi controllers Midi Devise can precisely articulate midi commands by mimicking the desired instrument. Push your synthesizer to its limits and upgrade it through advanced midi manipulation.

Midi Devise inspires new ways of connecting with sound. Midi learn assignments have been integrated into an instantly changeable preset system that adds ultimate versatility when playing live. Save time building controller combinations and get to playing with more realism. Harness the best attributes of the midi controllers you own instantly upgrading your input capability.

Midi Devise injects new functionality into virtually any hardware or software synthesizer supporting general midi. Add multiple dimensions of control to state of the art and basic sound engines. Integrate and augment custom dynamic midi controller mappings quickly through the graphical user interface.
For a full list of features read the manual included with the Demo
Minimum system requirements
    Mac OS X 10.7 or later / Windows 7 32‑/64‑bit or later
    Intel Core processor or later
    2 GB MB of RAM
    100 MB of free hard drive space

Recommended system requirements*
    High speed audio interface
    Virtual Midi Cable Application / Usb Midi Cables
    Intel i7 processor
    8 GB of RAM
    100 MB of free SSD space

Mac: Attention Mac users  Mac contains 2 built in virtual midi cables for more use a virtual midi cable application that can disable shortcut and feedback detection

Windows: Attention Windows users you must have a virtual midi cable application that can disable shortcut and feedback detection to operate locally hosted virtual instruments.

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