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    • Wind controller and Breath controller presets come standard
      Supports EWI USB EWI 4000 EWI 5000 EWI Solo NuEVI NuRad ReCorder WARBL DigiBrass Aerophone AE-10 AE-20 AE-30 Yamaha WX-5 Yamaha WX-11 and more!
    • 8 Forms of classic synthesis
      Synthesis methods available VA, additive, formant, subtractive, wave shaping, phase distortion, sample based, and concatenative synthesis.
    • Advanced instrument articulations
      Complex expression controlled virtual instrument routing is a breeze inside a single plug-in.
    • Integrated playing experience
      Basic inputs can become complex sounds with the help of player guided automations.
    • Bank Expression Controller
      Custom combinations can be tailored to the midi controllers available per bank.
    • Polyphonic Gliding
      Great for use with harmony rotators or breath controller keyboard setups.
    • Wave Shape User Entry
      Input your own custom waveshaping formulas to add unlimited possible wave shape equations.
    • 6 OSC per Bank
      Each bank leverages 6 possible osc sections to choose from build patches using 8 forms of synthesis.
    • Synth Modulation Matrix
      Each bank has an independent 8 slot modulation matrix to facilitate OSC to midi controller integration.
    • Lotus Cross fader
      lotus expression controller cross fades in and out the amplifier volume morphing 4 intervals 1-4 for banks 1-4
    • FX Expression
      Control FX expression with seperate CC's parallel and serial paths for filter and FX section routing.
    • Glide Control per Bank
      Set independent glide settings per bank as well as voice steraling.
    • Smoothing adn Scaling
      Use smoothing and scaling per bank to dial in each section's response to independent main expression.
    Supported OS:

    Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11

    Processor: Intel Quad Core or newer

    Memory: Minimum 2 GB RAM

    Disk space: Approximately 500MB

    Formats: VST3

    High Performance Audio interface*

    Mac OS X

    Minimum: OS X 10.15, Recommended: OS 12 using ARM/Intel Universal DAW

    Processor: Intel Quad Core or M1 ARM

    Memory: Minimum 2 GB RAM

    Disk space: Approximately 500MB

    Formats: AUv2 and VST3 (64Bit)

    High Performance Audio interface*


    Audio Example



    Express :

    Wind Synth delivers a set of rare and unique midi control options that that enhance dynamic and expressive playability.

    Control :

    Add multiple dimensions of control to Eight distinct forms of synthesis. Dynamic Articulation Method or DAM is coupled with a lotus cross fader to bring sounds to life.

    Automate :

    Works well with Breath Controller, Wind Controller, and Midi Guitar controllers. Click the Demo download tab above to try the demo version.

    Wind Synth Virtual Instrument

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