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    • Standard Computer Inputs
      Worlds most advanced on screen midi controller using a standard keyboard and mouse.
    • Breath Controller Support
      Full breath controller support integrate your breath controller CC2 for expanded capability.
    • Auto Pilot CC
      Controlling Breath or Wind Controller presets is easy with XYZ Keyboard. Control expressive sound engines like no other onscreen keyboard using simple inputs no multi touch required.
    • Wind Controller
      XYZ Keyboard can mimic a wind controller response for an expressive playing experince
    • Strumming
      Use the mouse wheel or click and drag to strum held notes like a guitar.
    • Drumming
      Turn your number pad into a beat pad setup. Mouse clicks can be linked to the kick drum use your foot like a real drum set kick pedal.
    • Piano Sustain
      Mouse clicks can be used to trigger sustain pedal use your foot to click the mouse for an added sustain pedal function.
    • Key Map
      Quickly change keyboard mappings to your own custom settings. Intial mapping setup follows the default keyboard to note mappings that you may be familar with.
    • Global Presets
      Global Preset system saves over 100 assignment destinations, instantly change presets.
    • Chords
      Chords can be made and saved with each preset built in chord menu has a variety of chords to pick from.
    • Low Latency
      Low Latency control direct hardware and software integration typical delay time is less than 1 ms. Fast triggering beats most Touch Screen controllers if not all of them
    • SYSEX
      Section for sending sysex messages to external hardware is a great feature for instant in depth control over hardware.
    • Multi Function
      When a midi controller is not availible or when quickly needing a way to input midi XYZ Keyboard has got you covered. Great for playing and great for testing purposes.
    Supported OS:

    Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or newer

    Memory: Minimum 2 GB RAM

    Disk space: Approximately 60MB

    Formats: .EXE (32 or 64Bit)

    Windows version requires virtual midi cable driver.*

    Mac OS X

    Minimum: OS X 10.8, Recommended: OS X 10.10 - 10.12

    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or newer

    Memory: Minimum 2 GB RAM

    Disk space: Approximately 60MB

    Formats: .App (64Bit)

    Mac version includes Virtual Midi cable.*


    Audio Example



    Multi-Instrument :

    XYZ Keyboard delivers a set of rare and unique midi tools that facilitate instrument specific midi control from a keyboard and mouse.

    Articulate :

    Mimic a variety of midi controllers including piano, wind controller, midi guitar, and e-drums. Add polyphonic gliding and in depth control over any sound engine supporting midi.

    Performance :

    Very responsive to inputs making it a go to choice for all your on screen keyboard needs. Less than 1 ms output times keep a tight feel usually only available from a midi controller.

    XYZ Keyboard

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