Davidson Audio & Multimedia is your source for expressive applications, plug-ins, and presets.

Innovative applications built for transforming and articulating midi.

Plug-ins leverage dynamic articulated midi control "DAM" for more expressive control.

Offering a variety of breath and wind controller preset instrument patches.

Wind Synth :

Eight distinct forms of synthesis are possible connected through 56 slot mod matrix system. Dynamic Articulation Method or DAM is coupled with a lotus cross fader to bring sounds to life. Over 1200 automate-able parameters and a midi learn system for in depth instrument control.

Midi Devise :

Midi Devise delivers a set of rare and unique midi tools that facilitate instrument specific midi control. By combining multiple midi controllers Midi Devise can precisely articulate midi commands by mimicking the desired instrument. Instantly upgrade the midi controllers you already own, and push your synthesizer or virtual instrument to its limits through Midi Devise’s advanced functions.

XYZ Keyboard :

XYZ Keyboard inspires new ways of connecting with sound with only standard computer inputs. Inject new functionality into virtually any hardware or software synthesizer supporting general midi. Add multiple dimensions of control to state of the art and basic sound engines. Integrate and augment custom dynamic key and mouse controller mappings quickly through the graphical user interface.