Davidson Audio & Multimedia is your source for expressive applications, plug-ins, and presets.

Innovative applications built for transforming and articulating midi.

Plug-ins leverage dynamic articulated midi control "DAM" for more expressive control.

Offering a variety of breath and wind controller preset instrument patches.

Wind Controller :

When it comes to expression a wind controller is an excellent choice. Our software integrates a whole host of features for electronic wind instruments.

Breath Controller :

Breath controllers can be integrated with virtually any other midi controller using Midi Devise. Extract velocity note on and off events from breath like never before.

Insights :

User feedback drives our innovations adding features and expanding possibilities. We listen to what you want and implement the features you need.

Support :

Get fast quality support and speak directly to the developers for your most technical questions. Contact us by phone, email, and social media.

Future Development :

Constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern musician the future has no limits. Pushing virtual instruments and multimedia applications to a higher level is a top priority.

Players :

Tailored for musicains our software keeps the players needs at the forefront. Each product is programmed to be played, our applications and plug-ins are dedicated to the highest level of control.

Bring sound to life.