Midi Devise
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Midi Devise

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Midi Devise delivers a set of rare and unique midi tools that facilitate instrument specific midi control. By combining multiple midi controllers Midi Devise can precisely articulate midi commands by mimicking the desired instrument. Instantly upgrade the midi controllers you already own, and push your synthesizer or virtual instrument to its limits through Midi Devise’s advanced functions.

Add multiple dimensions of control to state of the art and basic sound engines. Integrate and augment virtually any type of midi controller through the graphical user interface. Save time building controller combinations and get to playing with more realism.

Works well with Breath Controller, Wind Controller, and Midi Guitar controllers. Keyboard players take advantage of CC Auto Pilot for playing breath controlled instrument patches with only a keyboard.

     Minimum system requirements
  •     Mac OS X 10.7 or later / Windows 7 32‑/64‑bit or later
  •     Intel Core processor or later
  •     2 GB MB of RAM
  •     100 MB of free hard drive space

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