Midi Devise Introduction Breath Controller Keyboard:

 A five minute video showcasing some basic settings in Midi Devise for Breath Controller and Keyboard combination.


Midi Devise Breath Controller and Keyboard Example:

Example video using breath controller and keyboard with Midi Devise.


 Midi Devise Wind Controller Example:

Basic use with a wind Controller.



 Midi Devise Keyboard and Expression Pedal Example:

This example demonstrates basic chord and strumming features.


 Midi Devise Breath Controller and Midi Guitar Example:

A short example of using a breath controller alongside a midi guitar.


 Midi Devise Midi Guitar Example:

This is an example of combining a foot pedal with midi guitar and using the Glider to accent polyphonic note transitions. 



 Midi Guitar Example Song:

Top Right: Midi Devise is used to play chords with a single note while controlling note on off with the analog stick.

Center: Lead part is basic single note input with velocity automation applied. 

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